IT Asset Management

The Past, Present and Future of ITAM and ITAD Services in Corporate America

In a business environment increasingly driven by and reliant on technology, IT asset management and IT asset disposition processes and policies will continue to evolve.

Celebrating 20 Years of Helping Companies Handle ITAD and ITAM

The year was 1999. The first BlackBerry mobile device launched. Bluetooth 1.0 introduced mobile wireless file sharing. AMD snubbed Intel with its 700-Mhz version of the Athlon chip, the fastest Windows-compatible microprocessor to date. Apple released the Power Mac G4. And, Synetic Technologies began offering an approach to IT asset disposition (ITAD) and IT asset… read more

ITAM & ITAD companies are shown in a field of green grass

A Helpful Guide to Understanding ITAM and ITAD Certifications

Two major forces are rippling across corporate America, creating the perfect storm that has companies taking a good, hard look at their practices and processes surrounding Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) and Information Technology Asset Disposal (ITAD).

One Company’s Unneeded Computers Are Another Child’s Education

As any parent will tell you, it’s not cheap outfitting school-age children with the technology necessary to succeed in school and prepare for life. On the business side, companies constantly grapple with how to responsibly dispose of their unwanted, but fully functional, computer equipment. Synetic Technologies, Inc., an IT asset and computer recycler in Kansas… read more

Does the Threat of a Data Breach Scare You?

What happens to your IT assets after they leave your facilities? More importantly, what happens to your data and who has access to it? Your knowing makes the difference between your private data being breached or being destroyed securely. Unless your IT asset management company is highly certified and verified, the threat of a data… read more