Data Annihilator™ – Virtual or Physical Destruction

Certified Data Destruction. Virtually or Physically. Synetic has you covered.

Data Sanitization / Virtual Data Destruction

Data Sanitization / Virtual Data Destruction

In January of 2016, Synetic was awarded a patent for its data sanitization platform known as the Virtual Data Annihilator™. While other IT Asset Disposition firms pay licensing fees to a 3rd party software provider for each device wiped, Synetic’s in-house developed technology delivers Enterprise-class data erasure efficiently and cost effectively to provide greater value to our clients.

Virtual Data Destruction, aka Data Sanitization, remains the preferred method for organizations seeking to recover maximum value from their decommissioned and off-network IT assets. While organizations can wipe data themselves, it is often more costly leveraging internal resources instead of a trusted 3rd party, and there is no 3rd party validation through vetted and audited quality control practices that data was fully eradicated to mitigate risk and comply with regulations. Synetic Technologies’ data sanitization solution addresses the limitations and risks of the DIY method efficiently and cost effectively.

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Drive Shredding / Physical Data Destruction

The DDV truck engages in mobile data destruction at a local business

When regulations and chain of custody liability prevent your hard drives and associated media from leaving your facility for data destruction, let Synetic Technologies bring our data destruction vehicle to you. Our mobile data destruction truck is called the Data Annihilator™, and for good reason.

The Data Annihilator™ is a self-contained mobile hard drive shredder. There is a lab in the front of the truck where your hard drives and associated media are loaded onto a conveyor belt, which carries the assets to the shredder. The shredder’s four powerful, rotating cylinders grind the pieces until they are small enough to fit through a screen into a collection bin. The materials are rendered breach-proof and then recycled according to strict R2 policies that protect your data and the environment.

There is even an app to witness your data destruction live from any PC or mobile device.

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Synetic eliminates your chain of custody concerns.

HIPAA, HITECH, PHI, PCI, PII, FACTA, GLBA and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations governing industries such as banking, finance, healthcare and government present chain of custody problems for companies. Synetic’s on-site data destruction, either Virtually or Physically, solves those challenges by giving you tailored solutions that meet internal, state, and federal compliancy needs. Synetic offers both Virtual and Physical data destruction under the Data Annihilator™ brand.

60% of all data breaches occur at the business associate (your vendors) level. Trusting data destruction requirements to anyone other than a company that is vetted, audited, and certified can be expensive after a data breach. Synetic’s on-site data destruction ensures your assets never leave your sight before the data they contain is destroyed, eliminating the threat of a breach.