Are you doing enough to protect your data?

December 3rd, 2021

Synetic Technologies goes around the country and all over the world helping companies protect their data through safe and environmentally responsible asset disposition. We also turn those retired assets into revenue that helps offset future IT expenses.

At a recent IT Symposium, Synetic Technologies VP, Gary Agness challenged attendees to ask themselves: Are they doing enough on the back end of their IT asset management programs to ensure they are securely disposing their retired equipment – and protecting their data?

Video Transcript:

Companies, whether they’re private, larger, smaller, whether they’re schools, they get rid of computer assets every year, all over the world. Not because they’re broken, not because they don’t work, but because they’re just refreshing for new to make their companies better and faster. And that’s where Synetic comes in. Synetic goes all over the country and all over the world, working with these organizations because they’re the most highly certified when it comes to protecting our environment and also protecting the data that the companies have. And out of all of this, what’s so cool is that Synetic then takes over 70% of those assets and we turn them back into millions of dollars that we share back to organizations to help offset some of their IT expenses. Matter of fact, in my 16 years of helping lead Synetic, no company has ever walked away from us because of something that we did not do correctly. We over deliver most times.

Let’s put a little attention to the back end of the process because, I’ll tell you, stats don’t lie: A lot of data, a lot of information leaks, a lot of security breakthroughs happen with retired assets. We spend so much focus on the process. We think, “Oh, the back end. It’s not that big a deal” and so I just ask you to think about it: are you doing enough within your organization to protect, yourselves when you go through that process. I ask you to examine that.

Techgrove (a Synetic Technolgies partner) is only one of three apple authorized service providers in Kansas city, that you can walk in and get help. The other two are the apple stores. You can go to Leawood and you go to the Plaza or you can go to tech Grove. I’m blessed to be in front of you and God bless you guys have a great afternoon. Thank you, symposium. Appreciate you.