Does the Threat of a Data Breach Scare You?

December 16th, 2013

What happens to your IT assets after they leave your facilities? More importantly, what happens to your data and who has access to it? Your knowing makes the difference between your private data being breached or being destroyed securely. Unless your IT asset management company is highly certified and verified, the threat of a data breach should scare you. And it should scare your customers, vendors, employees and any others trusting your organization to retain their private information.

Organizations take different approaches to the way they manage ITAD and ITAM. Some handle their data management in house. Others throw their IT assets in the back of the first pickup truck that comes along offering to take it off their hands. There are those who let unused IT hardware collect dust and waste valuable space in storage, exposing them to risk of loss.

Then there are companies that do the right thing and take a secure approach – partnering with a highly certified IT asset disposition firm like Synetic. They roll ITAD into the total cost of IT asset ownership, from initial purchase to removal, data destruction, and disposition. In a sense, your IT assets are more valuable at the end of their lifespan than the beginning due to the data contained.

When it comes to protecting your data and your organization from legal responsibility, certifications ensure your ITAD partner doesn’t cut corners. Cutting corners or skipping crucial steps in the ITAD process can lower costs in the short term, but put your company and its data at serious risk in the long run if your IT assets land in the wrong place.

With so many misconceptions about what is and isn’t secure data destruction, companies can be lulled into thinking they’re bullet proof against breaches and subsequent legal action. Unless your ITAD partner is certified, you may not know that it cut corners until it’s too late. By then, the damage is done to your reputation and your data.

The wisest course of action is two-fold: educate those in charge of disposing of your IT assets on best practices and choose a highly certified IT asset management firm to handle your ITAD needs. Take action before a breach occurs, and protect your firm from liability on both the data security and environmental fronts.