Scope Of Services

Issues and Compliance Obligations

Top management shall review the completed Risks and Opportunities Matrix and Interested Party Analysis to ensure all risks, opportunities and compliance obligations are addressed within the scope of the EHSMS. 


Description of Organization Units, Functions, Physical Boundaries

For identifying the scope of the QEH&S (Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety),  Synetic Technologies has identified the main and support activities as listed below.  This work is carried out at 1120 Clay St., North Kansas City, Missouri 64116 and, as needed, at customer locations.


Core Functions

  • On-Site Operations: IT Asset Recovery, recycling, data destruction, refurbishment and resale
  • Off-Site Operations: IT de-installation, packaging, transport, data destruction, transportation


Support Functions

  • Purchasing
  • Human Resources
  • Administration
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Marketing and Sales


Outsourced Services

Synetic Technologies only has the ability to influence outsourced providers through our qualification process. These services may include:

  • Internet connection and IT support
  • Software development
  • Housekeeping
  • Downstream Transporters
  • Downstream Recyclers and Refurbishers
  • Electrical, Air-conditioning & other Maintenance Services
  • HR – Recruitment & Training Consultants


Description of Activities, Products and Services

  • On-Site Operations – IT Asset Recovery, including receiving, sorting, recycling, data destruction, refurbishment and resale.
  • Off-Site Operations – IT de-installation, packaging, transport, data destruction, and transportation.
  • Products Sold – New, Used and Refurbished Electronics
  • Services Offered – Electronics Recycling, including transportation, inventory of assets, data destruction, and dismantling/physical destruction.


R2 Scope of Services

  • Downstream Vendor Management
  • Logical Data Sanitization
  • Physical Data Destruction
  • Testing
  • Repair and Brokering of used electronic equipment

Note: Per SERI, using all-encompassing words such as “consumer electronics” or “used electronics” shall only be used if the R2 facility is qualified to sort, and process, numerous types of electronics.


Synetic Technologies has defined and documented the scope of its QEH&S management system as follows:
Full-service IT Asset Disposition including collection, sorting, dismantling, testing, refurbishment and data destruction.