Witness Data Destruction Anywhere

The Data Annihilator™ Companion App










The Data Annihilator™ Companion App is another innovation brought to you by Synetic Technologies.  This first-of-its-kind tool allows you to witness data destruction in real time from your PC or mobile device.  Register as many staff as you’d like, and each can gain access to the app.     Click here to register for an account and access the desktop version. 


With the Data Annihilator™ Companion App you can:

– View Data Destructions live and securely from anywhere in the world

Whether you’re in the office or elsewhere, Synetic’s data destruction services in conjunction with our app provide you the capability to witness destruction when regulations and policies call for it.  The video stream is encrypted and accessible only by your staff.

– Track the location of the Data Annihilator

Whether en route or on-site, track the location of the Data Annihilator™ in real time.  The Data Annihilator™ companion app takes secure chain of custody to a whole new level.

– Live Chat

Talk to our staff live so we can answer any questions you have and accommodate special requests.

– Push Notifications

Get alerts on your phone when the Data Annihilator™ has arrived at your facility and get updates on time left to complete a project.

– Virtual Tour

Take a Virtual Tour of the inside of the Data Annihilator™ (compatible with most VR headsets, including the Synetic VR Viewer)











Upon request, Synetic can provide you a digital recording of the destruction.  An electronic audit report is also available customized to your unique specifications which typically includes drive make, model, and serial number.


When it comes to on-site data destruction, no one offers more protection than Synetic.