A Partnership with Circular Computing™

Compliant CSR / ESG report

Supporting reforestation

Net zero your old IT

How it works:

  • 5 trees are planted for every laptop of yours that goes to Circular Computing™.
  • Circular Computing™ remanufactures the computers and plants another 5 trees for every laptop they sell.
  • The considerable carbon, water and mineral footprint of a new computer is avoided through the second life of a remanufactured laptop.
  • Quarterly reports that confirm your organization’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) outputs can be embedded into your own sustainability compliance report.
  • Your old IT could become net zero if chosen to go through remanufacturing Dell, HP and Lenovo remanufactured laptops.
Net zero IT asset management
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Supporting Your Sustainability Initiatives & Goals with ITAD/ITAM Services

Sustainability is higher on the priority list for the majority of companies than it has ever been, and rightly so.

In order to align our IT Asset Disposition & Management Services (ITAD/ITAM) to the needs of our customers, and to be a pioneer within our own industry, Synetic Technologies is a Circular Computing™ ITAD Partner.

Read more about our initiatives below.

Just One Remanufactured Laptop Makes a World of Difference

If just one of your computers is selected to go through the complete remanufacturing journey, there is a massive impact that can be accomplished for each and every laptop. As an example, one laptop leaves your company and we pass it along to Circular Computing™ to undergo their remanufacturing process.


2,646 pounds of sequestered carbon emissions

By being part of the reforestation initiative, which helps cool the planet, and remove CO2 from the atmosphere, your old laptop is the catalyst for this climate benefit as each tree removes 120KgCO2eq. in the first 20 years.

700 pounds of carbon reduction

Every remanufactured laptop prevents approximately 700 pounds of CO2 emissions by not buying new. For just 1,000 laptops, that’s the same as taking over 80 cars off the road for a year.

50,000 gallons of water saved

More than 50,000 gallons of water is saved from being used for extraction, refining & production of a new computer and its components. That is enough drinking water for the average American for over 700 years.

2,646 pounds of resources preserved

Using a remanufactured laptop avoids the mining of valuable precious minerals needed to manufacture a new laptop. This in turn also prevents the added e-waste from the disposal of a second-user laptop.

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The Circular Computing™ Sustainability Ethos and Social Value

Every remanufactured, carbon-neutral laptop from Circular Computing™ means:

A certified carbon-neutral product 

Through a unique remanufacturing process and carbon-offsetting program

Support of social projects

That help create jobs and empower vulnerable communities

10 trees planted for every laptop

5 for every laptop selected for remanufacture and another 5 at second-life planted in Africa, India and the U.S. through reforestation partners

Supporting clean energy projects

Solar, wind and clean energy projects across the world

About the Remanufacturing Process

Circular Computing™ remanufactures old enterprise-grade, leading-brand laptops and gives them a new lease of life.

“Recycling 1 million laptop computers can save enough energy to run 3,500 U.S. homes for a year.”

- Environmental Protection Agency

Carbon-Neutral Remanufactured Laptops

Even if your organization continues to purchase new laptops, our partnership with Circular Computing still helps with your sustainability goals and protecting the planet.

However, if you wanted to look at making a bigger difference in terms of reducing your procurement costs and making greater sustainability gains, consider purchasing remanufactured laptops from Circular Computing.

Carbon-Neutral Remanufactured Laptops

Leading brand, carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops, offer 97% of the performance of the latest models (from an independent study commissioned by Cranfield University) and up to 40% savings compared to brand new.

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