Synetic Facility Tour in Virtual Reality

Peek into our Operations without leaving your seat

In January of 2016, Synetic was awarded a patent for its data sanitization platform known as the Virtual Data Annihilator™, aka Virtual DAN.  While other IT Asset Disposition firms pay licensing fees to a 3rd party software provider for each device wiped, Synetic’s in-house developed technology delivers Enterprise-class data erasure efficiently and cost effectively to provide greater value to our clients.

In honor of the official patent for “Virtual” DAN, we’ve taken some “Virtual” Reality (VR) pictures of our highly certified Operations below.  If you have a Google Cardboard compatible viewing device (as pictured below), insert any smartphone to “virtually” step into our facility and take a 360-degree look!


Welcome to Synetic’s IT Asset Processing Facility

Here is an eagle eye view of multiple parts of our operations.   Straight ahead, you’ll see one of our testing and refurbishing areas.  To the left of that are multiple sort lanes where client asset tags are removed, and a Synetic asset tag is applied which tracks assets through processing:  data destruction, testing, resale, and recycling.  To the left of the sort lanes are multiple aisles where client assets are stored securely on pallets until ready for processing.  Look down, and you’ll see boxes for sorting different types of components such as batteries, system boards, and memory.
Synetic’s entire facility is highly secure, and all employees are background checked.  A key card is required to access any areas with data-bearing assets and there is 24/7 video monitoring with recordings kept for a minimum of 90 days.   Synetic’s facility is R2 certified, and has yearly 3rd party audits to ensure the highest standards are maintained in regards to data security, environmental compliance, and employee safety.

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Or if you’d like to skip around, here are your options:

Virtual Data Annihilator™ (DAN) Room

Data Center Testing & Refurbishing Area

Testing & Refurbishing Area

Dismantle Area


Data Annihilator™ – Mobile Hard Drive Shredder (3D Video)


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To calibrate your Synetic VR Viewer for the best viewing experience:

1. Download the Google Cardboard app for either Android or iPhone

2. Open the Google Cardboard app, then click the orange button with the white arrow


3.  Scan the QR code below from another PC or mobile device, and you’re good to go!



To view the pictures in VR:

  1. On your smartphone, click the Google Cardboard icon beneath each picture CardboardIcon
    • If not viewing from a smartphone, the Google Cardboard icon won’t appear.  You can still view the pictures in 360 degrees by dragging your mouse on them.
    • Use the Google Chrome web browser on Android phones for the best experience.  Other browsers may have issues. 
    • If a picture doesn’t load the first time, refresh your browser
      • If you still have problems, close all other browser tabs not in use, then try again.
  2. Insert your smartphone into your VR Viewer and enjoy!



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