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Summer Refresh

The end of the school year presents unique challenges to manage the return of student devices, ensure secure disposal of retired equipment, and prepare for the deployment of new devices to incoming students.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

The complexities of M&A present multifaceted challenges for organizations, encompassing the integration of disparate IT infrastructures, data security concerns, and the effective management of redundant assets.

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Technology Rollouts

Coordinating the seamless integration of new technologies, managing the disposal of outdated assets, ensuring data security, and optimizing the value of your IT investments can be complex endeavors.

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Asset Refresh

Managing asset refresh cycles requires strategic ITAM and ITAD solutions. This involves ensuring data security during transitions, efficient decommissioning, and maximizing value recovery from outdated assets.

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Facility Closures

Efficient ITAM and ITAD are crucial when closing offices or data centers. Secure data handling and strategic asset disposition are vital for maximizing value and compliance.

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Remote Asset Reclamation

Remote asset reclamation presents unique challenges for organizations in decentralized work environments. Strategic ITAM and ITAD solutions are essential for efficient asset tracking, data security, retrieval processes, and maximizing ROI.

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“I appreciate Synetic’s great communication, ease of scheduling and knowing our e-waste will not end up in a landfill or shipped off to a third world country to be burned by children to harvest the precious metals.”

Matthew Evans, Datacenter Service US Team Lead, IONOS

"Synetic's process is quick and easy, they pair diligent work with many services in the hardware scene and I take comfort knowing I can call them for future projects."

Keegan Steinmetz, Technology Support Administrator, Halstead/Bentley School District

“By working with Synetic we have been able to utilize proceeds from hardware sales to cover additional OPEX spend within the organization.”

Janet Stevens, Hardware Asset Manager – CISCO, T-Mobile

“I would highly recommend Synetic to anyone without any hesitation. Their response time, customer service, and detailed reporting are all top-notch.”

Rashid Hoda, Director of Technology & Information Services, Kansas City, Kansas School District

“We honestly didn’t know at the time what were missing until we moved to Synetic. They made an immediate impact to our monthly ROI which allowed us a lot more flexibility with our lifecycle programs and annual operating planning. We take environmental sustainability very seriously and with Synetics approach of zero-landfill and zero-overseas dumping it helps support Tyson overall cause. Our sustainable approach regarding our electronic assets is highlighted by the company on an annual basis. Efforts continue to grow and have become vital in our marketing strategy.”

David Ledbetter, Director IT Cloud & Infrastructure Systems Administration, Tyson