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Are you doing enough to secure your data?

In an era dominated by digital transactions and sensitive information, ensuring the effective destruction of data has become paramount for organizations. The consequences of inadequate data destruction can be severe, ranging from privacy breaches to regulatory non-compliance.

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Where Synetic Can Help

At Synetic, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your information integrity. Synetic's comprehensive solutions provide a shield against potential risks, ensuring that your organization's data is not just erased but eradicated with precision and reliability. Rely on Synetic's certified data destruction methods to uphold the confidentiality and integrity of your sensitive information and ensure you’re doing enough to keep your data secure.


Destruction Services

Data Sanitization / Virtual Data Destruction

Unlike other IT Asset Disposition firms that pay licensing fees to third-party software providers, Synetic's in-house technology, the Virtual Data Annihilator™, delivers enterprise-class data erasure efficiently and cost-effectively, providing enhanced value to our clients.

Virtual Data Destruction, also known as Data Sanitization, remains the preferred method for organizations aiming to recover maximum value from decommissioned IT assets. While internal data wiping is an option, leveraging trusted third-party services like Synetic proves more cost-effective and ensures validated quality control practices, mitigating risks and complying with regulations. We keep detailed reporting on record of every wiped drive to allow clients the ability to pull details about each device. Our data sanitization solution effectively tackles the constraints and potential risks linked to internal data destruction. It also includes comprehensive reporting, granting you access to detailed records of data sanitization efforts whenever needed.

Drive Shredding / Physical Data Destruction

When regulations and chain of custody liability demand on-site data destruction, Synetic Technologies provides a comprehensive solution through our cutting-edge mobile data destruction truck, the Data Annihilator™. Our secure facility also offers the option for shredding, ensuring flexibility to meet diverse needs. The self-contained mobile hard drive shredder features a front-loaded lab, where hard drives and associated media are carefully placed on a conveyor belt, then transported to the shredder. Four powerful rotating cylinders grind the pieces into breach-proof fragments, strictly adhering to R2 policies for data protection and environmental recycling.

Whether you choose on-site shredding or utilize our secure facility, Synetic addresses chain of custody concerns effectively. With compliance solutions tailored to meet internal, state, and federal regulations, including HIPAA, HITECH, PHI, PCI, PII, FACTA, GLBA, and Sarbanes-Oxley, our commitment ensures your assets remain within your sight throughout the data destruction process, mitigating the risk of data breaches that often occur at the vendor level. Witness your data being securely and permanently destroyed through our dedicated app, accessible from any PC or mobile device.