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Google Workspace Services

Struggling to manage your Google for Education platform? Is your Google Workspace Domain susceptible to cyber threats or hacking? Not sure how you're going to get your Chrome devices deployed on time? It might be time to partner with Synetic. 

Synetic provides top-notch services for districts and schools using Google Workspace and Google Chrome devices. With decades of experience, Synetic can ensure the safety of your Google Domain and give you direct support for Workspace issues. Save yourself a headache, time and reduce waste with Synetic's White Glove Chrome deployment services. We'll unbox, tag, and deliver new assets wherever you need them. If you're worried about your current domain state, Synetic will audit your domain against Google for Education's best practices, giving you real-time insight into your settings, security posture and weaknesses. 

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Google Workspace Health & Security Audit


Don't leave your potential security vulnerabilities to chance. Our team of engineers with years of experience with Google for Education configuration can help you get your domain set up for success. Synetic can provide a full-scale audit on the current state of your domain. 

Benefits of a Health and Security Audit:

  • Verify and document the domain security settings
  • Evaluate current domain settings against Google for Education's best practices
  • Provide a 3rd party evaluation of the domain to executive leadership, new technology directors, or other required entities
  • Document and evaluate domain settings relative to district-expected goals and operational efficiency
  • Establish a regular audit cycle for enterprise software in the district to ensure settings and configurations are aligned with best practices
  • Proactively address security concerns with students
  • Understand Chrome device lifecycle and expiration dates to prepare for refresh and avoid security issues and software compliance issues

Google Premium Workspace Support

Let us help you with Level 1 & 2 Google Workspace issues and questions. Give your technology team direct access to technical experts. Our hourly remote support service is designed to provide you and your team with immediate access to experienced Google experts who can assist with a wide range of questions and projects. Whether you need assistance implementing Google Cloud Directory Sync or reorganizing your organizational structure, our team is here to help.

With our on-demand support, you can rest assured that you'll always have access to the expertise you need to optimize your Google services and devices. From troubleshooting technical issues to implementing new features and functionality, our team will work with you every step to ensure that your projects are completed on time and to your satisfaction.

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White Glove Deployment

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If your district is procuring new Chrome devices, you'll want a clear plan to configure and deploy your new devices quickly and easily. Synetic is your partner for Chrome deployment. We can receive, unbox, tag, and deliver new assets wherever you need them and provide seamless tracking, giving you a quick and efficient deployment. 

Deployment Services:

  • Unboxing & physical inspection for defects
  • Updating the ChromeOS version on Chromebooks
  • Enrolling in Chrome Management
  • Validating policies, including Wi-Fi networks
  • Asset Tag Sticker Placement
  • Serial Number and Network ID Tracking
  • Case Installation
  • Distribution or Delivery

Google Workspace Managed Admin

As your Super Admin, we handle the day-to-day admin console operations with a turnkey approach. Our technical experts at Synetc are available to assist your tech team. You'll get a fully managed Google Workspace Domain with direct support by phone and email. With Synetic you get an unlimited number of tickets from your technology team and 10 sessions per month to ask questions and get advice on best practices.

What does this include?

  • Fully managed Google Workspace Domain
  • Unlimited number of tickets from your technology team
  • Domain, Setup, Maintenance and Support for licenses, groups, organizational units, users, calendar resources, Admin Console Reporting 
  • Security Audit, proactive monitoring, Google Cloud Directory Sync, respond to and investigate cyber threats
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“I appreciate Synetic’s great communication, ease of scheduling and knowing our e-waste will not end up in a landfill or shipped off to a third world country to be burned by children to harvest the precious metals.”

Matthew Evans, Datacenter Service US Team Lead, IONOS

"Synetic's process is quick and easy, they pair diligent work with many services in the hardware scene and I take comfort knowing I can call them for future projects."

Keegan Steinmetz, Technology Support Administrator, Halstead/Bentley School District

“By working with Synetic we have been able to utilize proceeds from hardware sales to cover additional OPEX spend within the organization.”

Janet Stevens, Hardware Asset Manager – CISCO, T-Mobile

“I would highly recommend Synetic to anyone without any hesitation. Their response time, customer service, and detailed reporting are all top-notch.”

Rashid Hoda, Director of Technology & Information Services, Kansas City, Kansas School District

“We honestly didn’t know at the time what were missing until we moved to Synetic. They made an immediate impact to our monthly ROI which allowed us a lot more flexibility with our lifecycle programs and annual operating planning. We take environmental sustainability very seriously and with Synetics approach of zero-landfill and zero-overseas dumping it helps support Tyson overall cause. Our sustainable approach regarding our electronic assets is highlighted by the company on an annual basis. Efforts continue to grow and have become vital in our marketing strategy.”

David Ledbetter, Director IT Cloud & Infrastructure Systems Administration, Tyson