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Configure and Deploy Your New Equipment with Ease

Deploy Solutions

When your organization is procuring new IT assets, you want to have a plan to configure and deploy your new equipment with ease. Synetic is your partner for asset deployment by receiving, unboxing, tagging, and delivering new assets where and when you need them, while providing seamless tracking to support a quick and efficient deployment.

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How It Works

Unbox & Tagging

Our team of experts unboxes new equipment and tags each asset with precision, setting up a detailed tracking system so you have fast and easy visibility into where each asset is in the deployment process.

Configure Devices

Next, our teams will configure each device to your organization’s specifications. This includes customizing settings, installing the required software, and ensuring that each device is tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our skilled technicians configure devices to optimize performance, enhance security, and ensure compatibility with your existing IT infrastructure.

Deploy Assets

Our teams will deploy the ready-for-use assets where they’re needed. Whether you're deploying to a single location or multiple sites, we've got the adaptability to meet your unique needs.


A Seamless & Efficient Experience

Synetic’s deployment solution transforms the process of getting IT devices ready for use into a seamless and efficient experience. From the moment a device arrives at our facility to its final configuration, we prioritize precision, transparency, and customization, ensuring that your organization's IT assets are not just ready for use but primed for optimal performance.