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Process Solutions

At Synetic, our meticulous sorting and categorization process is the cornerstone of our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services. We methodically assess each piece of equipment, considering its condition, functionality, and market value. This comprehensive evaluation allows us to separate items that can be refurbished or reused from those reaching the end of their lifecycle that require recycling. Our commitment to precision in sorting ensures that each asset is directed to the most suitable path, whether it be refurbishment for reuse, responsible recycling, or another strategic disposition.

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Assets showing potential for refurbishment or reuse undergo a detailed refurbishment process to bring them back to optimal working condition for maximum value recovery back to your organization. Our goal in the refurbishment and resale of equipment helps you recover as much of your investment as possible while assisting in promoting sustainability and ensuring responsible resource management.


Exceeding Best Practices

When products approach the conclusion of their lifecycle or are determined to be unsuitable for refurbishment, we designate them for conscientious recycling. Our commitment extends to guaranteeing that the recycling procedures strictly adhere to the most stringent environmental standards, thereby championing eco-friendly practices. Through meticulous oversight, we aim to minimize environmental impact, fostering a sustainable approach to the disposal and repurposing of materials. Our dedication to responsible recycling underscores our broader commitment to environmental stewardship and the cultivation of a greener, more sustainable future.


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