an IT asset is managed by locking down the data
an IT asset is managed by locking down the data

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Protect Your DNA

Your technology assets contain your enterprise’s DNA. Protect them. Let them live out their lifecycle. When it’s time to dispose of them, do it with trust and confidence.

Anyone with a truck can claim to dispose of your IT assets. But only a company like Synetic has the certified processes to prove it. We work with companies who are serious about security and protection – for the sake of employees, customers, shareholders and the environment.

Our mission is simple: Make our technology hardware asset disposition services as easy, accessible and efficient for our clients as possible. We focus on delivering customer intensive services, liability protection and out-of-box centric solutions across all of our clients’ platforms and organizational departments. We accomplish this by building great relationships and confidence through unmatched service and value add propositions under certified practices in data security and responsible recycling; NAID and R2.

Why trust your IT asset disposal to Synetic Technologies?

We are one of the highest certified IT asset management & disposition firms in the US and abroad. We partner with Fortune-listed corporations that want to make one call to have dozens, hundreds or thousands of used computers or IT assets disposed securely and responsibly.

"Synetic Technologies has been a wonderful company to work with over the last six years. The entire staff’s reliability, trustworthiness and dedication to customer service have been phenomenal. It is always a pleasure communicating with the entire team."

Partnering with a NAID Member May Not be Enough to Protect Your Data

National Association for Information Destruction (NAID©) is THE international trade association for companies providing information destruction services. Also, NAID is THE standards-setting body for the information destruction industry. Top information security professionals developed the Association’s certification…

Synetic Technologies Realigns Its ISO Certifications to Meet the Highest Standards in Environmental Protection, Quality, and Health & Safety

Synetic Technologies is one of the highest certified Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) and Information Technology Asset Disposal (ITAD) firms in the U.S. Not only do specific certifications confirm that your ITAD partner follows certified…

The Past, Present and Future of ITAM and ITAD Services in Corporate America

In a business environment increasingly driven by and reliant on technology, IT asset management and IT asset disposition processes and policies will continue to evolve. Companies that partner with an industry-leading ITAM and ITAD service…