Why Choose Synetic

Private, confidential data is at great risk when IT assets are decommissioned.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is the most overlooked part of data security. A large percentage of data breaches occur from lost, stolen, or improperly disposed of assets. Choosing Synetic as your ITAD partner ensures you protect your data when it can be most vulnerable.

Breaches have serious legal, financial and public relations consequences.

Federal acts and regulations mandate how data is treated. Failure to follow the law and prove your due diligence lands you in serious legal, financial, and public relations trouble. After investing resources to protect your data while your equipment is in use, the last thing you want is to be unable to prove due diligence in protecting data after assets are retired. With Synetic’s audited, certified data destruction, recycling, and reporting processes, you know you’re in compliance and data is safely destroyed.

Recycled, remarketed, or reused – Synetic Technologies actively follows the best path to protect the environment and promote sustainability. Your electronics waste travels through EPA-complaint channels, not to landfills or developing countries.

Uncertified technology recyclers are dangerous.

Uncertified technology recyclers are dangerous to your business’s data, everyone you have data on and the environment. Synetic responsibly and ethically handles your retired IT assets, the data and the materials contained in the equipment. We do it by the book because we’re certified and it’s the right thing to do.

ITAD and ITAM should be responsive, flexible and tailored.

Synetic’s ITAD and IT asset management (ITAM) services are easy, accessible and efficient for our clients. We deliver customer intensive services, liability protection and out-of-box centric solutions across all of your platforms and organizational departments. It’s how we build enduring relationships and confidence through unmatched service and value add propositions under certified practices in data security and responsible recycling.

Industry Certifications

  • R2
  • ISO® 9001:2015
  • ISO® 14001:2015
  • ISO® 45001:2018
  • VBE (Veteran Business Enterprise)

Tailored Solutions

  • One time, one location pick up
  • Full-service managed programs
  • Project management of ITAD services
  • Asset auditing in one or multiple locales
  • Multiple site coordination
  • Data sanitization
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Stringent chain-of-custody
  • Maximum ROI on depreciated IT assets

Centrally Located

  • Kansas City, Missouri headquarters
  • Competitive advantage and lower overhead than coastal firms
  • Central location minimizes asset recovery costs to maximize ROI
  • Fully vetted partner network to support global opportunities

Industry Memberships

  • NAID
  • R2
  • MRR (Microsoft Registered Refurbisher)

Environmentally Conscientious

  • Audited QEH&S programs
  • Vetted and audited transportation procedures
  • Prevent pollution, injury and ill health
  • Reuse, remarket, recycle, dispose strategy
  • Manage focus materials
  • Audited compliance to industry legal requirements
  • Open communication policies