Synetic is the most trusted source for your IT asset disposal

IT asset disposal imageWith Synetic, managing the entire lifecycle of your electronics couldn’t be more convenient whether you have dozens, hundreds or thousands of IT assets at one location or several around the world. Disposing of your end-of-life IT assets can be as easy as calling us or filling out our online form, and Synetic will take it from there. Prefer to keep control? We can manage a single relationship for execution and accountability, while you stay involved as much or as little as you want. Either way your IT assets are disposed of safely, ethically and by a certified 3rd party, ensuring you avoid costly lawsuits or fines.

Any number of ITAD companies can take unwanted hardware off your hands, but then what happens to your confidential data? Hazardous materials? We do things differently, the way IT assets should be managed and disposed of—safely, ethically, securely and legally. We keep our promises. You can trust us to do what we say we do. But don’t take our word for it. Look at our IT industry certifications. They’re the real proof, ensuring your data won’t end up in the wrong hands and your equipment isn’t thrown in a dumpster on the roadside with you held liable.

We’re one of the few IT asset management firms that has invested the time and resources to have our data destruction and e-waste recycling processes certified by industry watchdog organizations. Synetic is one of the highest certified disposal firms, which makes us a leader and the go-to source for enterprises that realize the value of their data and the high cost of putting it at risk.

No uncertainty. No risk. No hassle. Technology asset disposal the way it should be.

We don’t just cover your disposition program at the corporate level. We drill our solution down into each facility, site or network center. It’s not unusual for us to create a solution within a solution to meet the specific needs and requirements of your site offices.


Customized solutions fit your needs, no filling in gaps with your own resources.  

IT asset management programs recover ALL of your assets, across all your locations.

Re-marketable IT assets are invested back in your community.

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The industry’s top standard of equipment and DoD data destruction processes for unquestionable protection from data breaches.

Assets wiped clean eliminate all traces of an identity trail before equipment is retired.


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Certified recycling processes reduce landfill waste and keep toxic materials out of the environment.

Audits and reports map a detailed paper trail of where your decommissioned assets end up.

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The right choice for your IT asset disposal program

We’re the right choice for large businesses with multiple legal and financial needs to consider. We pride ourselves on solutions, not sales. Contact us today to start the process and you’ll see why were’ the leading technology asset disposal program in the central United States. We even have capacity to bring solutions to your place of business. See the video below for a better understanding: