IT Asset Management

Smart IT Asset Management (ITAM) for Smart Companies

IT assets are managed by locking down their dataYou already know the competitive advantages of implementing the right technology. What’s underestimated by many is the impact managing IT assets through their full lifecycle has on security, compliance, and the bottom line. How you handle IT asset management (ITAM) is a game changer.  Whether you use a full-featured software platform for ITAM, you track assets via spreadsheets, or you rely on your IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) partner to fill that role.

Finding the right ITAD partner is critical to a robust ITAM program!  Look for a partner that tailors their solutions to your needs instead of forcing you to conform to theirs. One with the capacity, know-how, responsiveness, and resources to handle any situation, in any location. One you can trust to take the burden of IT asset management off your shoulders, keeping you informed and educated. One that thinks before acting, and works in your best interest to minimize your compliance and legal exposure risks.

We’ll take the lead in your IT Asset Recovery and Disposition

No headaches. Pour your money, time and energy into where you’re going and let Synetic take the lead in your asset recovery and disposition. We design and execute the recovery  for your decommissioned assets – without disrupting your workflow or burdening your staff. For IT asset management and disposition to be successful in meeting your goals, we identify your objectives and build a solution around your needs. Simply put, think of Synetic Technologies as an extension of your IT Asset Management team to execute and manage your IT asset disposition and make your ITAM program rock solid.

Synetic Technologies will:

  • Determine your unique needs and priorities
  • Create a custom IT asset management program to fit your goals and timeline
  • Coordinate the timing, etiquette and recovery requirements with your site representatives
  • Eliminate the burden on you for identifying and managing multiple vendor relationships
  • Provide standardized electronic reporting across your global footprint to make Software Harvesting a breeze – reclaim unused licenses and return money to your budget
  • Provide notarized certificates of data destruction and responsible recycling

Comprehensive Solutions

No hassles. The recovery component of an IT asset management plan should involve more than scheduling a pick up time, loading up a truck, and sending over a meaningless report printed in-house. Focused and effective from start to finish, Synetic’s asset recovery solutions include, but aren’t limited to:

  Consolidation & logistics
  Audit & inventory
  Certified Data Destruction

  Residual value recovery
  EPA compliant recycling

  Lease return
  Charitable donation
  Employee & community refurbished equipment sales

Risk Management:  Secure Chain of Custody  + Data Destruction Processes that meet all DoD and NIST requirements

Regardless of the location, we implement fully documented chain of custody processes to eliminate risk from the time assets leave your door, until the time they reach our dock.  This ensures that your IT assets, and the private data they hold, remain protected.  You can be assured your assets won’t end up in the wrong hands or a dumpster on the side of the road. Need extra assurance that nothing is going to go wrong during the transportation process? Check out our short video highlighting our onsite data  destruction capabilities below: