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Synetic and LightEdge Partner on Sustainability

Synetic Technologies Partners with LightEdge to Divert 6,800 Pounds of e-Waste from Landfill and Contribute to Reforestation Program

May 31, 2022

Synetic Technologies, a global leader in secure IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and value recovery services, joined forces with LightEdge, a leading provider of colocation, cloud, and managed service solutions, to contribute to the Circular Computing™ movement. Together, they facilitated the recycling of 6,800 pounds of e-waste, resulting in the planting of over 260,000 trees. Synetic Technologies, as a key partner in this initiative, plays a pivotal role in the Circular Computing ecosystem, where for every laptop, monitor, and desktop PC processed through their secure ITAD and value recovery services, five trees are planted as part of the reforestation commitment.


Circular Computing operates with reforestation partners in Africa, India, and the U.S., engaging in the remanufacturing of computers while planting an additional five trees for every laptop sold. This sustainable approach effectively avoids the significant carbon, water, and mineral footprint associated with new computers, contributing to the global effort to mitigate environmental impact. The collaboration between Synetic Technologies and Circular Computing, endorsed by LightEdge, has resulted in the planting of over 260,000 trees worldwide, aligning with Circular Computing's commitment to reforestation.


The environmental impact of this joint initiative includes:

  • Diverting 6,800 pounds of e-waste from the landfill
  • Reducing nearly 10,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Diverting about 200 pounds of toxic metals from the landfill
  • Saving more than 274,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity


Ron Helmer, CEO of Synetic Technologies, emphasized the positive influence enterprises can have on the environment during the equipment disposal process. He highlighted Circular Computing's commitment to planting five trees for every laptop donated and remanufactured, in addition to offering certified carbon-neutral products and supporting clean energy projects.


"Synetic Technologies is proud to collaborate with Circular Computing and LightEdge in driving sustainable computer disposal practices," said Ron Helmer. "Enterprises can make a significant difference in environmental impact, and Circular Computing's commitment to reforestation aligns with our values of promoting eco-friendly IT solutions."


LightEdge's CEO Jim Masterson expressed gratitude to Synetic Technologies and Circular Computing for their collaborative efforts in promoting sustainable practices for computer disposal. Masterson underscored LightEdge's ongoing commitment to evaluating ways to reduce its carbon footprint and support clients in their sustainability goals.


"At LightEdge, we are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact and supporting our clients in their sustainability efforts," Masterson stated. "Partnering with Synetic Technologies and Circular Computing for sustainable computer disposal allowed us to make a meaningful impact this Earth Day. We extend our appreciation to all clients who participated in this significant event."


In addition to this collaborative effort, LightEdge's corporate sustainability initiatives, coupled with purpose-built data centers designed to minimize environmental impact, exemplify the company's commitment to green practices. The recent acquisition of NFINIT, a San Diego-based full-stack technology provider, further solidifies LightEdge's dedication to sustainability, with an $8 million investment in cloud infrastructure and data center upgrades resulting in a 20% increase in energy efficiency and an overall reduction in carbon footprint.