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Why Data Security is Crucial for Companies

Within the long list of “famous last words”, perhaps none is quite as tragic as, “I never thought it could happen to me.”  

There are certain circumstances or events that people believe will never cross their path. For many modern corporations, one such event is a data breach. Whether that’s a breach regarding client/customer data or one that affects employees, hackers have found some businesses sleeping at the wheel. Soon, the very thing that never would happen to them is not only on their doorstep but has broken down the door and is ransacking the house. 

When the impossible becomes inevitable, companies suffer for their lack of security. In addition to potential fines that could reach into the millions, businesses could also lose clientele. After all, who wants to trust a business that can’t protect its clients from outside threats? So many businesses house confidential data that no one wants out in public or on the dark web. When hackers infiltrate a company’s database and steal information, and the news gets out, lawsuits and clients leaving are sure to follow.  

Having a solid data security program in place not only protects businesses against potential threats, but it also makes them look more appealing to clients. In addition to this benefit, that company also gains, as a Forbes article notes, a competitive edge. When a business “safeguard[s] their proprietary information, research, and insights from competitors,” they bolster their position in the larger market. Keep hackers away from sensitive data and it’s a win-win for the company and client. One strengthens their business, the other has complete assurance that when/if hackers come calling, their private information won’t fall into nefarious hands. 

Building A Data Security Plan 

When a company decides to build a good data security program, it makes sense to start internally. Training employees about the threats around them increases awareness and vigilance. Setting up encryption and other limited access makes it harder for data to be seen by unwanted eyes. In general, knowing what kind of data the company is handling, where that data goes, and who should access it can identify potential weak points and lower the risk of a breach.  

Putting up strict internal measures is a good start and could ease some clients’ concerns, but that data (and the assets bearing the data) can’t stay in the building forever. IT equipment phases out of use in favor of newer, better models. Where do the old assets go and how will the data they contain stay safe? Locking them away in a closet or storage area can only work for so long and certainly doesn’t guarantee security. A natural next step would be to find a third-party vendor that can responsibly recycle the old assets. But the nagging doubt arises: Will the data remain safe after it leaves the building? Or will someone be able to access it and steal it? Internal policy can’t protect the data externally. 

Data Security with Synetic Technologies 

This is where a partnership with an ITAM company like Synetic Technologies can be the best next step a company can take. Synetic is one of the highest-certified IT asset management and disposition firms in the world. With NAID/AAA, R2v3, IAITAM, and ISO certifications, Synetic has set and consistently maintains a gold standard in protecting our clients’ sensitive data. We’ve partnered with Fortune-listed corporations for over 20 years, keeping them safe from a data breach and all the fallout that comes with it. 

The chief way Synetic helps bolster a company’s data security is with our Data Annihilator program. From the moment our team arrives on campus, we securely handle assets and data, even providing the option to shred hard drives and other media on-site with our Data Destruction Vehicle. Once the assets are loaded and locked on our truck, it comes to our secure facility where it is inventoried and all hard drives, tapes, CDs, etc. are sanitized of data or physically destroyed. Once data enters our building, it’s never coming out. This ensures our clients have the utmost protection and assurance that a data breach won’t happen once their assets are in our hands. 

No IT Director or Chief of Information Security wants to see their company in the news due to a data breach, and no one wants to be the one quoted as saying, “We never thought it could happen to us.” More and more companies are realizing the value of protecting their digital information from unauthorized access and theft. As they shore up procedures internally, they look outward for someone to protect their interests after their assets’ lifecycle ends. Synetic Technologies stands ready and able to provide that protection. When it comes to your data security, you don’t want to wait until it’s too late to decide to partner with an ITAM provider. With Synetic on your side, no “famous last words” need ever be uttered.