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Empowering Students with Affordable Technology

Synetic Technologies' Computer Recycling Program Bridges the Digital Divide 


Access to technology is increasingly crucial for students to excel in their academic endeavors. For some parents, the financial burden of purchasing devices can be overwhelming. 

At Synetic Technologies, we believe that every child deserves an equal opportunity to access educational resources. That’s why we partnered with Center School District #58 to help provide affordable technology to students while promoting the responsible disposal of technology.

Through our Computer Recycling Program, we assist local businesses in responsibly disposing of their unneeded technology by refurbishing equipment for reuse and remarketing. For devices that don’t meet the criteria for reuse, unusable materials are reused in other devices or responsibly recycled.

Many devices acquired through the Computer Recycling Program still hold value and are a great option for students who need quality technology without the price of a new device. Our teams ensure that all sensitive data is securely erased from the IT assets, then tested and evaluated. If any components or parts of an asset are found to be faulty or non-functional during testing, they are repaired or replaced.

Once the device has passed our testing and quality assurance processes, they are sold at discounted prices to students. At Synetic, we believe that every child deserves an equal opportunity to access educational resources and we’re proud to do our part to help create access to technology for students in our community.

"Patrons who attended our computer sale in conjunction with Synetic Technologies were appreciative. The sale let them buy quality desktops and laptops at the lowest prices possible. It allowed patrons to bring technology into their homes."

Bruce Rehmer, Technology Coordinator, Center School District #58