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Kansas City Kansas School District Client Story

There was a time that the Kansas City Kansas School District was doing the heavy-lifting for their IT asset disposition. Several staff members were tasked with physically delivering unused IT equipment to their current service provider, who only accepted certain devices. This process consumed valuable production hours that could have been better utilized to support the school's day-to-day operations in other areas. Dealing with rejected items further complicated the already 
laborious task of transporting assets to the vendor. Additionally, the school staff faced the issue of not receiving proper documentation for the disposal of these assets. Recognizing that there were more efficient options available for IT Asset Disposition, they decided to find a better solution.

Joe Fives, Director of Risk Management for the KCK School District, sought out peers to understand how they approached IT asset disposal. He found that several other districts were partnering with Synetic Technologies and that their experience was much easier than what they had been experiencing with their current vendor. 

From the first meeting with Synetic, the KCK IT team was optimistic that the partnership could help alleviate existing pain points with their IT asset disposal. “From the very start it was evident that Synetic shares our district’s passion for innovation, collaboration, and excellence. The level of enthusiasm and professionalism was clearly demonstrated by their team during the initial conversations,” said Rashid Hoda, Director of Technology and Information Services for the district. 

“The expertise and dedication that Synetic Technologies brings to the table have allowed us to streamline our technology recycling and disposal processes, ensuring that outdated technology is disposed of safely and ethically,” explains Hoda. “Additionally, we have been able to save a significant amount of money getting devices repaired through Synetic than we were with our previous ITAD vendor, without requiring our staff to take our devices to UPS to ship damaged devices.”

“I would highly recommend Synetic to anyone without any hesitation. Their response time, customer service, and detailed reporting are all  top-notch.”
Rashid Hoda 
Director of Technology & Information Services
Kansas City, Kansas School District