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Powering Sustainability: Synetic's Contributions to Energy Savings

In the era of increasing environmental awareness, Synetic Technologies stands as a pioneer in promoting sustainability through its innovative IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) practices. As we conclude Energy Savings Week, we want to take a minute to highlight and celebrate the many ways Synetic contributes to energy efficiency and conservation.

Synetic takes proactive measures to diminish the carbon footprint linked with electronic waste. By engaging in responsible recycling, refurbishing, and reselling of IT assets, we significantly prolong the lifespan of equipment, reducing demand for raw materials and the energy needed to manufacture new devices. Through the repurposing and extension of the life cycle of IT equipment, we play a pivotal role in conserving energy and alleviating the environmental impact of electronic waste.


In 2023, Synetic resold or reused 497,225 devices, diverting over 1.3 million pounds of eWaste. These efforts diverted nearly 55 million KWH of electricity, which is enough electricity to power the average US home for 5,083 years.


How Efforts Result Directly in Energy Savings?

  • Reduced Manufacturing Energy: Manufacturing new electronic devices requires a substantial amount of energy. By refurbishing and reusing IT assets, we extend their lifespan, reducing the demand for new production and the associated energy consumption.
  • Minimized Raw Material Extraction: Extracting raw materials for manufacturing electronics is an energy-intensive process. Reusing IT assets reduces the need for extracting additional resources, leading to energy savings and lower environmental impact.
  • Lower Transportation Energy: The transportation of new electronic devices involves energy consumption for shipping and logistics. Reusing IT assets often involves shorter transportation distances, as devices can be redistributed locally. This results in lower energy requirements for transportation.
  • Decreased E-Waste Management Energy: Electronic waste (e-waste) management, including disposal and recycling, requires energy. Reusing IT assets helps divert devices from the e-waste stream, reducing the energy-intensive processes associated with waste management.
  • Extended Product Life: Extending the life of IT assets through reuse delays their entry into the waste stream. This not only conserves energy but also reduces the environmental impact of disposal and the need for additional manufacturing.


Collaborating with Synetic allows organizations to actively participate in energy savings initiatives. Through our comprehensive reporting system, clients gain insights into the environmental impact of their ITAD practices, including the energy saved through recycling and reuse efforts. This transparency empowers organizations to measure and communicate their contributions to energy conservation.

As Energy Savings Week concludes, we take pride in acknowledging the collaborative efforts of Synetic and our clients in championing energy conservation. Synetic's commitment to energy efficiency, optimal resource utilization, and environmental stewardship positions us as trailblazers in shaping a greener and more sustainable future for the IT industry. Choosing Synetic as your partner not only addresses your IT asset management requirements but also actively contributes to building a more energy-conscious and eco-friendly world. Join us in making a positive impact on both your business and the environment.