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Tyson's Sustainable IT Transformation Journey with Synetic


In April 2010, Tyson embarked on a search for a new partner to fulfill their IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) requirements. David Ledbetter, Director of IT Cloud & Infrastructure Systems Administration, and his team initiated an evaluation of vendors, prioritizing central location, sustainability offerings, and potential return on investment (ROI) opportunities. Synetic emerged as the ideal fit for Tyson's needs.

Tyson's prior ITAD vendor operated on a transactional basis, charging for asset disposal and reselling items on the secondary market. The communication was limited to generic reports and monthly invoices, leaving Tyson suspicious about potential untapped ROI in their disposed inventory. Additionally, Tyson aimed to align with an ITAD partner committed to environmental protection.

As the partnership with Synetic developed, the company proved instrumental in various aspects, evolving into a key strategic partner for Tyson's IT initiatives. Synetic swiftly impacted Tyson's monthly ROI, providing greater flexibility in lifecycle programs and annual operating planning. With a shared commitment to environmental sustainability, Synetic's zero-landfill and zero-overseas dumping approach aligned seamlessly with Tyson's goals, becoming a focal point in their annual sustainability efforts and marketing strategy.

Tyson's collaboration with Synetic unveiled the shortcomings of their previous ITAD partner and transformed it into a true partnership, characterized by a genuine relationship. Synetic extended its support nationwide, assisting in equipment recovery and disposal during plant and office closures. Tyson trusted Synetic's ability to handle equipment with precision, requiring minimal oversight.

David Ledbetter expressed, “Our partnership with Synetic has positively impacted our disposal budget. They not only find new homes for equipment reaching the end of its useful life at Tyson but also benefit other individuals and companies lacking the means to purchase new equipment.”

Synetic's flexibility and trustworthiness were key appreciations for Tyson. Ledbetter highlighted Synetic's willingness to explore possibilities and go the extra mile, even providing displaced team members with an avenue to purchase equipment directly. Despite challenges posed by large and legacy equipment, Synetic consistently ensured all needs were met without hesitation, solidifying a relationship built on reliability and genuine care.

“We honestly didn’t know at the time what were missing until we moved to Synetic. They made an immediate impact to our monthly ROI which allowed us a lot more flexibility with our lifecycle programs and annual operating planning. We take environmental sustainability very seriously and with Synetic's approach of zero-landfill and zero-overseas dumping it helps support Tyson overall cause. Our sustainable approach regarding our electronic assets is highlighted by the company on an annual basis. Efforts continue to grow and have become vital in our marketing strategy.”
David Ledbetter, Director of IT Cloud & Infrastructure Systems Administration