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IONOS Eco-Friendly IT Transformation

IONOS established a partnership with Synetic Technologies in July 2008, shortly after opening a new Data Center. There were large amounts of equipment taking up storage space that needed to be disposed of quickly. They were looking for a trusted IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) partner to help them with the secure and ethical destruction of data from their retired equipment.

During the evaluation of ITAD partners, the IONOS team decided to partner with Synetic for their ITAD needs. Synetic's strong reputation and expertise offered the team confidence in the secure handling of any data left on drives.

A notable aspect of the partnership was the swift and efficient customer service provided by Synetic. Assets were promptly collected with minimal effort required from the IONOS team. Once the assets left their facility, concerns about security and environmental impact became a non-issue.

“We appreciate Synetic’s great communication and ease of scheduling. Knowing our e-waste will not end up in a landfill or shipped off to a third world country to be burned by children to harvest the precious metals, as disposed IT assets often are. With Synetic, we don’t have to worry about security or environmental risk."
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Matthew Evans, Datacenter Service US Team Lead