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Blue Valley School District Client Story

In 2015, the Blue Valley School District sent out an RFP to explore and identify a new IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Disposition (ITAD) partner to support needs across their 25,000+ community. They wanted to find a partner who could provide trusted data security, drive higher returns on technology assets and accommodate timely asset pickup needs for locations across the district.

Ultimately, Synetic emerged as the top choice and a partnership was formed. Trust and communication were established early, with Synetic proving to be quick, adaptable, and committed to helping the district. Said Jason Gillam, SFO, Director of Business Operations for Blue Valley Schools, “Soon after collaborating with our Synetic team, we began to rely on their prompt responsiveness and ability to adapt and enhance situations for our staff and schools. They gained our trust by consistently committing to getting the job done correctly the first time, always adhering to deadlines and staying within our schedule.”

Initially, Synetic was tapped only for district’s asset retirement and remarketing needs, but quickly evolved beyond the initial scope, including product repair, support with legacy replacement components and general labor support to help with deployments and overall alleviate workload for the Blue Valley IT team. Kent Corser, Director of Technology Operations said, “We often leverage Synetic for bulk parts or accessories purchases, fix our Apple fleet of products, and perform white glove services on new purchased equipment. We view the entire Synetic team as an extension of our ITS Department, not just a vendor. They commit to customer service and communication like we do, so it’s a perfect collaboration.”

Gillam and Corser noted that the partnership has resulted in measurable benefits for the district. Synetic’s ability to maximize revenue on resale devices has resulted in financial benefits that have been critical for the Blue Valley School District. Says Gillam, “The benefit of a partner being able to maximize the value of our assets by certifying, upgrading, and marketing helps drive a higher return for our organization to help fund new purchases, keep initiatives like our 1:1 program sustainable, and offset device repair costs. We have a lot of trust in the services Synetic provides to cleanse our data and provide transparent asset information, which is critical.”

The Blue Valley team also found that Synetic could ramp up or down resources as needed in peak seasons, always working quickly to pick up assets so that they wouldn’t need to be stored at schools that didn’t have extra space to spare. The team has found the detailed and accurate reports Synetic provides for picked up assets critical to ensure they have access to asset details at their fingertips.

“Synetic helps our team with efficiency. Time is precious, and our IT team greatly benefits from having Synetic’s ability to perform many core operational functions on a weekly and annual basis. Synetic serves as an extension of our department, allowing us internally to focus on other, more strategic things.  From procurement to recycling and everything in between, Synetic helps with solutions across the IT Lifecycle. They work to understand our district’s specific pain points and find additional ways to help us.”

Kent Corser
Director of Technology Operations
Blue Valley School District